Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Who" ((Dennis Siluk's First Poem)(put back into its original form; 2/2008))


((Dennis Siluk's First Poem)
(put back into its original form; 2/2008))

By: Dennis Siluk Ed.D.

Who made the earth:
Who made the sky,
Who made the clouds,
Burst inside-?

Who made the moon
And stars that glow-
He's my Lord
My love, my soul.

He gave us light
To live and see;
He gave us dark
For a silent sleep.

He gave us feelings
And choices as well,
And we can use them
As we please;

But most of all
He gave simple laws,
Such simple things
With great cause!

For when the day comes
And it surely will:
When flesh and bone
Meet gravestone—

Our heart and soul
Will be judged as one!

#1 (1959)

Note by the Author: "Here is the first poem I wrote, dating back to 1959. I discovered it after my mother had passed on, in 2003; I had seen it among some of my other notes in 1980, other than that, I had not seen it since 2003, some 23-years. My mother always read my poetry when it was simple and plain when I was young. I was eleven (11) years old, perhaps closer to twelve at the time. In this poem, it expresses I do believe my faith in God, Jesus Christ. It was written while I was living on Cayuga Street; I was sitting on some stairs leading up to our attic bedroom at the time of writing it I remember, where my brother and I slept; we lived in an extended family, with my mother and Grandfather. Perhaps it was my escape from the tough neighborhood I was living in at the time that brought me to writing poetry. In 1958, we had moved from 109 East Arch Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, to this new neighborhood, at 186 Cayuga Street, St. Paul, Minnesota (perhaps a few miles away). My brother was perhaps fourteen at the time, or going on that age I suppose. So for the first time ever published, here is my first poem, out of 2300."

Dennis (Brought back to its original form, 2/2008; some words corrected, other than that, it remains the same.)

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